Pandora Bricks

Posted by SAVAD.AM | 3:24 PM

The challenge is to knock down all the barriers and kill the final-level monsters. Besides your skills, special blocks with hidden bonuses like mallet, multi-ball, caterpillar and the incisive magnetic field will help the player along the levels.
In single player mode, 2 platforms are controlled by the CPU and this makes the game-play of Pandora Bricks unique.
In multiplayer mode 2 players (moving 2 platforms each) will help each other clearing the 30 levels and kill the 3 final bosses.
With Pandora Bricks both casual and hardcore gamers will have on their mobile phone a rare ad exiting game experience.
Come into Pandora’ dimension.

  • 4 platforms
  • Enky will help Gilgamesh moving 2 platforms automatically
  • 3 different animated locations
  • 30 levels
  • 2 characters: the Ancient God Enky and Gilgamesh
  • 3 final-level Monsters
  • Astonishing bonuses
  • Mythic music
  • Multiplayer Bluetooth mode