Crash Arena 3D

Posted by SAVAD.AM | 1:58 PM

Crashes are a permanent part of any motor race. That is why they have been put first in Crash Arena 3D. In this game you will be trusted to operate one of four powerful muscle cars. Ram into other cars and remain the last one alive! Complete "Career" mode to unlock all cars and arenas! Fight in "Free race" mode to get the best racing times! Show you friends via a Bluetooth game who is the real racer!

Crash Arena 3D includes:

- 4 classic muscle cars and 1 bonus car;
- 4 different racing locations;
- detailed 3D graphics;
- realistic physics of rear-wheel driven cars;
- a multi-level damage system;
- multiplayer support for up to 4 players via Bluetooth;
- uploading results of races on worldwide server, getting your rank.