Bomberman Reloaded

Posted by SAVAD.AM | 8:58 PM

Bomberman Reloaded - Play this new, feature rich game with your all-time hero Bomberman. Besides great graphics, lots of nice sounds and much fun Bomberman Reloaded features 2 different gaming options: A normal mode and a breath taking Vs. mode. Place your bombs to get the evil enemies in the normal mode. Find the door to the next level and win all 30 of them.

Power-ups will help you to win the game. Even more challenging is the amazing Vs. mode. You will play against 3 computer animated opponents at the same time. This is very fast paced and yet unseen action on a mobile phone: Each player tries to get the other one with his bombs - better watch out, this is incredible! Edit the individual strength of your opponents yourself, play the game and enjoy many different scenes and surroundings. A must have!

Micro Counter Strike

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Micro Counter Strike full version 1.0,the mobile version of the classic PC game 'Counter-Strike',was launched by M3GWORKS in 2007 and have been most popular on mobile phones.

  • Based on the classic 'Counter Strike' game
  • Up to 6 maps available
  • Make more money to buy weapons with which to overpower your enemies
  • More than 10 weapons and equipment including pistol, rifle, grenade,etc.
  • Cool and great graphics

  • Major Havoc

    Posted by SAVAD.AM | 4:42 PM

    Take on the role of Major Havoc in this intense military mobile pet, featuring 4 different wargames to play – Mine Sweeper, DesertWar and HQAssult and Battleships, with Bluetooth connectivity so you can play against other pet owners! Train your soldier as he gains experience and rises through the ranks in the most technologically advanced mobile pet available. Earn money by performing well to buy new weapons and supplies to help in your missions. Great graphics and sound and intense and varied gameplay will set your phone on fire!

    Now with Bluetooth multiplayer gameplay!

    Islands - Missile Invasion

    Posted by SAVAD.AM | 4:37 PM

    Islands: Missile Invasion. In this award winning turned based strategy game, you are in command of your own Island and your mission is to conquer your opponents Islands. Build up your own Islands and strengthen them to prepare the decisive attack of your opponent with missiles and full air-strikes. You can play single-player mode with a full campaign mode or play against a friend in multi-player mode with bluetooth.

    Cloud Commander

    Posted by SAVAD.AM | 8:30 AM

    Description :
    Cloud Commander is a 3D multiplayer flight shooter introducing a thrilling dogfight in the clouds and fast canyons shoot-outs. Seek and destroy hostile air units or escort your planes through enemy territories.