Epos 3D

Posted by SAVAD.AM | 8:09 PM

Featuring full 3D graphics, randomly generated levels, innovative multiplayer features and a unique, epic plot, Epos brings state of the art, addictive gameplay to the java mobile platform!

Help Bodeas, prince of Iolkos, save his mistress from Hades, King of the Underworld. Request the help of Gods in your quest, prove your worth to them or defy them and you’ll meet their wrath! The descend to Underworld will change Bodeas forever.

Randomly generated levels and skirmish support greatly extend the game’s replayability. The unique Bluetooth Deathmatch feature makes this title a must have for any gaming enthusiast: meet your friends in battle any time, anywhere! Up to 8 players are supported (depending on the mobile devices used)

Epos Features:
• 3D, highly immersive graphics
• Multiplayer: 8 player deathmatch through Bluetooth
• 14 randomly generated levels
• 16 different opponents, bosses and traps
• 4 types of power ups for your Hero
• Skirmish mode for fast action: never ending, action packed battles!
• Dialog that is actually fun to read!