Fatal Force: Earth Assault

Posted by SAVAD.AM | 11:16 AM

Satellite data shows a metallic mass some five kilometres across has landed in Siberia after travelling from somewhere beyond our solar system. All attempts by the army to reach the area have failed: tanks, soldiers and even planes have all disappeared without trace! It seems that whatever is there doesn??t want to be disturbed??

But the extra-terrestrial invaders are in for a shock in the shape of the Fatal Force! This crack team of special soldiers are the best planet Earth has to offer. There??s Nikolai, whose brute strength and short temper make him deadly at close quarters. Alongside him is Leon ?? cool under pressure, with a steely glare that lets you know he means business. And last but by no means least is Jade, trained assassin and an expert with any firearm known to man. It??s your mission to help the Fatal Force battle their way to the landing site, and make the aliens wish they had stayed at home!

With bonus game modes, Bluetooth?? multiplayer, online scores and player rankings and even downloadable skirmish maps, there has never been a mobile game as brilliant as Fatal Force!