4 x 4 Extreme Rally

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"The game offers a unique 'multiYou!' Bluetooth mode ... - it's wicked!

One of the best internationally acclaimed rally games is back in a new revolutionary form! Take on opponents and yourself in three different game modes. Let yourself be immersed in the beautiful graphics, amazing special effects and a great soundtrack. Still not enough of a challenge for you? The game also offers a unique 'multiYou!' Bluetooth mode, which can be used to challenge your buddies to show them who really rules! Grip the steering wheel, put it in first gear and press the pedal to the metal. Challenge the best, to once and for all show them who the real champion is! Make them eat your dust!

Are you ready for a real challenge? Time to fight another players in the football match of the titans! Here comes Euro Football – a game, that will detach the professionals from the geeks.

Challenge them and bash them out in the outstanding multiYou! Bluetooth mode (*). Show what you have got and get the cup! Savor the fantastic graphics and sound. Choose a team and manage its players. Enjoy hours of exciting entertainment in three different play modes. Breathe in the adrenaline scent of the tough football duels.

Panzer General

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Description: It seems like not many people enjoy mobile games like Panzer Tactics 2. How about Panzer General, a shooting strategy game. It is a little more action oriented than plain strategy, Each of your unit's have certain action points, and each movement taken by your unit's cost action points. Once your action points depleted, you can press 5 key to start aiming at the enemies, to toggle around press direction number keys. Then press 5 again to fire. There is a time limit each turn, so act fast before the time's up. I highly recommend you to play the tutorial before starting the actual campaign. You need to learn how to move your tank in the right way first! The graphics is better than panzer tactics and there is a lot more action & explosion going around the screen. For screen resolution 176*220 mobile phones.

Extreme Air Snowboarding 3D

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Description :
Extreme Air Snowboarding brings all the action and excitement of professional snowboarding into your mobile phone, rendered in real 3D graphics. Impress the judges with dangerous tricks or feel the wind burn your face as you hurtle down the speed-pipe like a bullet from a gun.

The game features a healthy amount of modes and, in addition to performing tricks, you get to ride the pipe as fast as possible trying to beat your trainer's time or, if you prefer technique over speed, you can try to collect better items than your personal trainer in an attempt to show him who the best boarder really is! There is also the possibility to compete against your friends in hot-seat Multiplayer Mode.

Show them what you've got!