THQ has announced that the second standalone expansion for Warhammer 40K:Dawn of War II is in the works of a statement of 2011. Promises new units andmultiplayer maps and a new faction.

The events of the single-player campaign will take place 10 years after the previousexpansion, Chaos Rising, and you can even play from the perspective of multipleraces. So far, however, only the Orks are confirmed, as can be seen in the screenshotsreleased today. Producer Jeff Lydell said:

We all like the Ravens of blood here at Relic Entertainment, but there are a lot of fansof other races and armies out there, so we decided that the remuneration should allowplayers the freedom to experience the campaign from the point of view you select.

I was not going to buy the game because the developers have spoken out openlyagainst PvP oriented players, and if I wanted to play an MMO based on the Trinity, I would go back to WoW.

This is really just the icing on the cake. What the hell is the point of freedom of action ina MMO when you are locked in a train? This ship is like Kingdom Hearts' gummiscrewed. Fuck you, Bioware.

Check out the fight against striking space in the lane BioWare Star Wars MMORPG.

When the news broke humor a couple of months of delay in 2010, many might have assumed that Portal 2 is not out for a while. However, Game Informer reports that theSA-riffic sequel to Valve's platform will be released disconcerting on 09 February nextyear, which is just 2011 to everyone.

Accompanying this information is the fact that British comedian Stephen Merchant(The Office and other fame-related Ricky Gervais) has assumed the role of Wheatley, the butler robot in the game.

The Official Crysis 2 GC 2010 Multiplayer Game Footage Hero's journey [HQ] [HD]
\6 modes
\12 NYC locations
\80 ranks
\60 Nanosuit upgrades

Developer: Crytek
Release: TBA
Genre: FPS
Platform: PS3/X360/PC
Publisher: EA
PEGI Rating : 18