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MobiChess is a net classical Chess game. The game differs from analogous games by many available modes of game: online game via GPRS, Bluetooth, Hot-seat game or single play. Net game is very quickly and stable in MobiChess. All statistics of online games is available both by PC and by phone via WAP.
While you play online you may exchange messages with another players thereby you get a fine chat. The data are transferred via GPRS, which allows to save time and especially your money compared to SMS. As well you can manage contact list of your friends and chat with them both inside a net game and outside.

Game features:
adjustable difficulty of game
network game (gprs and bluetooth).
hot-seat mode.
possibility to play against random or definite opponent.
network game server autosaving on leaving or connection break.
GPRS and Bluetooth chat inside
contact list of friends.